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Parallel Parking Tips

Why does it seem like traffic is always the worst when you’re trying to parallel park? And why does it seem like everyone’s watching when you just can’t get it right? Many drivers struggle with parallel parking, so much so that they’ll go to great lengths just to avoid it. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons that people fail their driver’s test. FIAT of Tacoma knows it’s hard. That’s why we’re bringing you these parallel parking tips. Soon, you’ll feel more confident when you try to parallel park on a busy street.

Finding the Right Space

One of the biggest mistakes Seattle drivers often make is trying to parallel park a car into a space that’s simply too small to accommodate their vehicle. FIAT vehicles are generally on the compact side and can fit into a variety of spaces, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you aren’t confident that your vehicle will fit into the spot, look for a different space. Once you’ve found your spot, turn your turn signal on so other drivers will know that you’re going to parallel park. 

Maneuvering Into the Spot

  • First, stop your vehicle so it’s lined up with the car in front of the vacant spot. 
  • Then, put your vehicle in reverse and turn your steering wheel hard to the right. 
  • Slowly begin to back into the turn. 
  • Once you’re in position, it’s polite to let the other ars pass before making final adjustments. 
  • You want to be close enough to the curb so your vehicle isn’t sticking out in the road and evenly spaced between the other two vehicles.

FIAT Makes Parallel Parking Easier

FIAT empathizes with how difficult parallel parking can be. That’s why they designed an interactive billboard to help drivers improve at parallel parking. The billboard uses sensors on the street and a visual image of a person to indicate how much room the driver has between their vehicle and the other vehicles. It helps prevent drivers from hitting the car behind them or ahead of them when parking. FIAT cars are easier to park because of their compact size and because they come with these available features:

  • Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-path detection
  • ParkView® rear back-up camera
  • Gridlines to help interpret distance in tight spaces

Fun Fact About FIAT

Did you know that the FIAT 500 was the vehicle used for the parallel parking world record? Alistair Moffatt broke the record using a FIAT 500. Moffatt has been competing in motorsports since he was only 12 and has a remarkable nine national championship titles in auto testing. 

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