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How do FIAT, Alfa Romeo Car Brakes Work?

Understanding how the intricate components of your Fiat vehicle can alter how you drive, increasing the condition and lifespan of your car. So how do car brakes work? There’s no simple answer. A Fiat braking system is filled with many components, and that’s before you get to the advanced technology dedicated to enhancing the safety of your Seattle drives. Below, we’ll detail more about how Fiat brakes work and elaborate more on the advanced technology in the new cars sold at FIAT of Tacoma. If you end up needing to bring your vehicle for repair or maintenance, don’t forget to check out our service coupons!

How Do Car Brakes Work?

Your foot puts pressure on the brake pedal—then what? 

A series of things: 

  • A lever pushes a piston into a hydraulic fluid-filled cylinder
  • Fluid is pushed through pipes to cylinders near your wheels
  • The force of your foot is multiplied by this hydraulic system
  • This causes your car’s brake pads to press against the brake discs
  • And friction slows your vehicle to a stop

At least, that is how brakes work in the most basic of ways.

How to Care for Your Brakes

Now that you understand the complicated nature of your car’s brakes, you should also understand how important brake maintenance is for your Fiat. At FIAT of Tacoma, we recommend having your brakes and brake pads checked at least once a year. There are a few measures you can take to keep your brakes working well on Olympia drives. Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch and listen for the warning signs that there may be something wrong
  • Avoid braking when drivers in front of you are braking unnecessarily
  • Coast to slow down before you apply the brakes
  • Have your brake fluid level checked often and replaced when needed

Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked

Brake problems are potentially dangerous. As soon as you see, hear, or feel one of the below signs, bring your vehicle to your nearest Fiat service center to be checked.

Warning Signs

  • The brake light is on
  • There’s squeaking or grinding sounds when you brake
  • You notice fluid is leaking
  • You smell something burning from your vehicle
  • The vehicle bounces when you stop short

Visit FIAT of Tacoma to Learn More!

Want to take your Fiat car maintenance into your own hands? At FIAT of Tacoma, we try to offer as much advice to Lakewood drivers as possible, which is why we write service tips like “how to check your transmission fluid” and “how to change a tire.” Though if you are curious about any subjects we don’t cover on the site, or want to know more about new Fiat vehicles for sale near University Place, feel free to reach out!

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