FIAT 500e

Used and certified pre-owned FIAT 500e for Seattle, Tacoma, Renton and Olympia

Commuters in Seattle, Kirkland, Olympia and Tacoma, please listen up! Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Tacoma will be THE Washington destination to find, drive and buy the 100% electric FIAT 500e.

With a FIAT 500e – No Gas Stations necessary!

FIAT of Tacoma has listened to FIAT enthusiasts in Seattle, Kirkland, Renton and Olympia. Yes! The FIAT 500e is available here at the #1 FIAT Studio of the Pacific Northwest – FIAT of Tacoma. Next to the crossover FIAT 500x and the 4-door FIAT 500L model, we will stock in numerous certified pre-owned FIAT 500e cars.

The FIAT 5003 is equipped with a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack. Combined with its managed power flow the so called inverter is feeding the electric-drive motor and produces the necessary electricity to fuel the vehicle. Best thing about this feature? Not only will you save money on the gas pump or do something for the environment, but this tiny aggregate delivers an incredible 147 lb-ft of torque out of an 111 horsepower electrical motor. As soon as you put the pedal to the metal, the 500e takes of in no-time and makes even sports-car drivers jealous. – Yes, it’s exactly like that!

Recharge your FIAT 500e periodically

You have actually 2 options to recharge the 500e. One is the so called Level 1 (120-volt) charger. This charger comes standard equipped with the vehicle and allows to be plugged into any regular power outlet. Or, you could consider have the Level 2 charger in your home or garage installed, which houses the 240-volt option. You are certainly welcome to use any other commonly found electric car charging stations around the Puget Sound and Seattle / Tacoma.  (please see the Service Advisors at FIAT of Tacoma for more details)

Ready to get into your new pre-owned FIAT 500?

Then get into your car, drive down to Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Tacoma – here at the corner of 38th Street and S. Tacoma Way – The Intersection of Savings and test the so extremely desired FIAT 500e. You will fall in love (once again?!)…we almost can guarantee it!

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