Are All FIAT Cars Stick Shift?

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Fiat transmission

FIAT vehicles have a long history as European cars made by innovative minds, so you may be wondering, do FIAT cars have automatic transmission options? Yes, they do! FIAT has developed a reputation for delivering efficient manual transmissions, as well as compact and powerful engines like the Tigershark®. The truth is, FIAT offers a wide range of transmissions — not just manual. Explore your transmission options for the new FIAT vehicles below!

What Are Your FIAT Transmission Options?

2018 FIAT 500

  • Standard 5-speed manual
  • Optional heavy-duty 6-speed automatic

2018 FIAT 500X

  • Standard 6-speed manual
  • Optional 9-speed automatic

2018 FIAT 500L

  • 6-speed automatic

2018 FIAT 500e

  • Single-speed

2018 FIAT 124 Spider

  • Standard 6-speed manual RWD
  • Optional 6-speed AISIN automatic RWD

Transmission Options for FIAT Abarth Models

The Fiat 500 Abarth and FIAT 124 Spider Abarth feature an available heavy-duty 6-speed automatic transmission and a standard 6-speed manual, respectively. Here’s a quick look at what they can do:

  • Heavy-Duty 6-Speed Automatic: This transmission delivers higher torque capability than your run-of-the-mill 6-speed. It also includes Sport Mode to liven up your drives around Seattle.
  • 6-Speed Manual: A short-throw shifter reduces the distance the gear lever has to travel between gears, resulting in better performance.

More on the Single-Speed Transmission

Standard on the 2018 FIAT 500e, the single-speed transmission is explicitly designed for this all-electric model. The output from the electric-drive motor is transferred to the wheels. Meanwhile, a reduction gear allows for lower electric motor input speeds, reduced battery use, and all-around more economical energy use without drastically impacting torque and acceleration.

Test Drive a New FIAT with Stick Shift or Automatic at FIAT of Tacoma!

To summarize: Are all FIAT cars stick shift? No — in fact, FIAT automatic transmissions are just as innovative as the FIAT manual transmissions. Contact us at FIAT of Tacoma near Olympia and Lakewood to learn more about FIAT models, such as the FIAT 500 colors and mpg ratings. Don’t forget to browse our new vehicle specials for savings opportunities, and compare the FIAT 124 Spider vs. Mazda Miata to check out the competition.

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